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Terms Of Service

In order to better serve the needs of users, good guidance, the use of timely after-sales service work, our spirit of "all the pursuit of high quality, high quality, customer satisfaction" for the purpose of the spirit. With the principle of "considerate service and reliable product quality", make the following promise to the user:

First, product quality commitment:

1. the product manufacturing and testing are in line with national standards.
       2. products are professional testing personnel for testing, to ensure that all products meet  your requirements index.

3. If the quality of our products provided during the warranty period, we are willing to bear all the responsibility.

Two,Delivery time commitment:

We need to ensure that the products in accordance with the request of time to send the goods to the designated place, if you have special requirements, should be completed in advance, we can with your consultation, to ensure timely meet your needs.


if the supplier supplies the goods after unpacking, found any problems (including appearance damage), must be accepted by the way to solve the problem: timely repair, replacement and exchange of new products.


in the warranty period, the same equipment, the same quality problems for three consecutive repair is still not normal use, we promised to replace the same brand, the same type of new equipment, and the quality of products to implement "three packages" service. In the warranty period, provide equipment replacement and maintenance only charge the cost of spare parts cost, do not charge artificial technology and services.


after-sales service capabilities and equipment in the design life cycle, our commitment should be able to ensure that the use of the original parts of the factory to replace the original, to ensure the normal use of equipment. The bidder shall specify the maintenance charge standard after the warranty period, the location of the maintenance spare parts warehouse and the location of the factory maintenance station.

Terms Of Service