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Water-based Anticorrosive Coatings
Water-based Anticorrosive Coatings


Ealean protection function coatings is a new nano-hybrid material with nano materials, metal oxide and alloy steel or iron compound into an alloy layer, thereby blocking the oxygen and moisture of base material corrosion. Nano-alloy coatings form a tight nano-alloy film on the metal surface. The nanometer alloy film has both anticorrosive, wear-resisting and excellent UV resistance. The coating film can be immersed in liquid between ph2-ph11 for a long time, and can even withstand strong solubility of organic solvents such as butanone, acetone and xylene, which can be exposed to a variety of chemical substances for short periods of time. This coating film does not burn, and the usual anti-corrosion coating film only needs the thickness of 200um.